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The Staff of Tzaddi by T.N. Newborn

"The Staff of Tzaddi," by T.N. Newborn, is a fresh epic fantasy novel that’ll grip you from the beginning and not let you go until you reach the end.

 The story follows two unlikely allies, Prince Teiwaz Zayin and Sowelu Kano, who embark on a quest to keep an unimaginable power out of the wrong hands. Newborn does an excellent job with world-building in “The Staff of Tzaddi.” It’s fresh, in-depth, yet approachable.

The plot is paced perfectly, with just the right amount of conflict and action to keep you engaged from the start. Although this is an epic fantasy novel, some aspects of the plot (e.g. not wanting who your family wants you to marry) are easy to relate to for some readers. The characters are interesting (my favorite is Sowelu), and you’ll connect with them quickly.

This is a must-read for any epic fantasy fans.

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