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Masters Mashups:: From Shakespeare to Stephen King (Masters Mashups Series) by Melissa G. Wilson

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"Masters Mashups: From Shakespeare to Stephen King (Masters Mashups Series)" by Melissa G. Wilson is an interesting and succinct mashup about the similarities between two revolutionary authors!

The author provides countless examples of how the two authors and their works are more alike than we might originally think. She outlines these commonalities by comparing the authors' themes, works, early influences, inspiration, turning points, controversies, successes, and life events. Coincidentally, both grew up in towns called Stratford, and that's only the beginning of the details addressed.

I love how Wilson highlights how Shakespeare and King had a penchant for storytelling and for crafting relatable characters who make decisions and mistakes.

"Frome Shakespeare to Stephen King" is very strong with respect to comparing the authors across multiple domains and in bringing out the common themes across six comparable works, such as good versus evil, revenge, familial elements, and humanitarian views.

In this way, the author makes a strong case for the relevancy of Shakespeare and King today by showing the comparability of the authors' works.   

"From Shakespeare to Stephen King" is a must-read for any mashup fan!

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