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Dark of Night by Marios Savva

Marios Savva's "Dark of Night" is a suspense-thriller novel that'll have you eager to know what happens next. The novel, the first book in The Man From the Yard series, introduces you to the characters, including a demonic entity...

Told from the perspective of a young woman named Jane and a talented officer named Jake, the reader is quickly pulled into the story. Jane is desperately trying to escape an evil entity that her and her friends called into existence during a fateful night with a Ouija board.

After years, of running from the entity, she comes back to her hometown, only to be attacked once more. The entity will stop at nothing to kill Jane, and wreaks havoc on the town as he searches for her. Jake is left to deal with the onslaught of massacred town inhabitants.

The characters are interesting and easy to connect with, the story is engaging, and the demonic being is a vision from one’s nightmares.

My mind was scrambling, trying to guess just how the two characters could handle facing such a beast. Romance evolves, loved ones die, and the battle against evil seems never-ending. The story took quite a few twists and turns, and kept me in a constant state of surprise. This is a must-read if you like suspense/thriller novels.

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