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A Love to Remember by Lynda Gray

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Lynda Gray’s A Love to Remember is a romance novel that follows the newly divorced Lucy as she navigates a budding romance and confronts the darkness in her past.

Lucy Pembrooke moves back to her step mom’s idyllic mansion, located at a vineyard, after parting ways with her cheating plastic surgeon husband, Thomas. Her time at the mansion is somewhat strained by the presence of her step mom, Loretta, who has been more focused on her many husbands than her children.

The arrival of the handsome bestselling author Christian Black brings joy to the situation; however, Lucy is warned to stay away from Christian because of his reputation.

One of the great things about this novel is that the plot develops organically. The reader gets to read about every step of Lucy’s transition from her marriage to her relationship with Christian.

Another strength of the novel is the eclectic cast of characters, from the warm and friendly hired helper Julian to the manipulative, selfish step mom Loretta to the alluring, enigmatic Christian.

With its engaging plot and its dynamic cast of characters, A Love to Remember is a must-read for any romance fans.

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