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Captured by Willow Danes

 "Captured," by Willow Danes, is a romance novel, with elements of scifi and fantasy, that will have you clamoring for the sequel.

The book begins when Jenna McNally discovers a mysterious crash site near her grandfather's cabin. She investigates and discovers an alien creature...that captures here. The alien, named Ra'kur, has mistakingly landed on Earth during a search for a mate.

Readers will love reading about the interactions of Jenna and Ra'kur. Danes really captures what it would be like to meet a human-like being from another planet. The writing perfectly captures Jenna's complex emotions -- from her fear, to her sense of wonder, to her surprising affection for Ra'kur.

The plot evolves into a love story unlike anything you've ever read. As a reader, you get to see Jenna share her language, customs, and emotions with Ra'kur. You really get to see the relationship grow from nothing to something very unique.

If you're a romance fan looking for a fresh story, look no further. It doesn't get more fresh than this.

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