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Nightfall by Brian White

"Nightfall," by Brian White, is a mystery novel about a private investigator trying to solve the mystery of a prostitute's death with the threat of her own death looming overhead.

The main character, Ezzy Morgan, is a PI who quit her career as a paramedic after getting burned out. When requested to investigate a prostitute's death, she agrees apprehensively, but she soon she finds herself in over her head as a crime lord gets wind of her investigation and threatens to kill her if he doesn't meet her demands.

The plot gets moving fast and continues gaining momentum until the end.

One of the strengths of "Nightfall" is the writing. White writes with a punchy style and a very matter-of-fact tone, perfectly suited for the mystery genre. The characters, from the cocaine-addicted detective to the ruthless crime lord, are interesting to read about.

The dialogue is well-written, each character with his or her own verbal idiosyncrasies. The icing on the cake in this book is the dark, witty humor.

Overall, this book is a must-read for any mystery fan.

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