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Snow Covered Moon (Twisted Eventide-1) by L.M. Adams

"A Snow Covered Moon," by L.M. Adams, is a fresh paranormal romance novel with a healthy dose of the kinky. The story revolves around Jaevia Knightley, a mix-breed demon, who works as a "watcher" for a supernatural police force (of sorts) in the human world.

Jaevia's first case is to discover why the bastard children of supernaturals are disappearing at an alarming rate.

The plot starts off at a decent pace, but gains momentum as you move through the pages. The ending is well-done, and definitely my favorite part of the book. In addition to the pacing, I liked that the plot used a variety of elements I had not seen in paranormal romances before. The "adult scenes" really add to the feel of the story in ways I hadn't expected.

It's worth noting that although there is obviously a huge supernatural element to this book there is true adult love with real-world problems that need to be tackled. The world Adams creates is well-explained and interesting.

The cast of characters is dynamic. I grew to like many and appreciate the rest, although Jaevia is my hands-down favorite. The book is written in first-person, so you can expect to get a lot of insight into characters' decision.

Overall, if you are a paranormal romance fan, this book is an absolute must-read.

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