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Visitors from the Forgotten Planet (We Are From Earth) by Phillip Drayer Duncan

 "Visitors from the Forgotten Planet," by Phillip Drayer Duncan, follows four friends who get caught up in a storm en route to a camping trip that sends them on an adventure, with unusual creatures and technologies.

They learn a lot about the world, and more importantly themselves, the more entrenched in the adventure they get.

Something to note about this book is that it is approachable science fiction. There are many fantastical scenes and creatures, but as the reader, you don't get caught up in ultra-confusing scifi lore.

Duncan does a great job relaying the characters' sense of wonder about being transported to a different world. And his use of the characters' vernacular feels very accurate for the the demographic (male twenty-somethings).

Something that was delightfully unexpected about the book is its humor. Its smart and well-placed, not cheesy, and made me laugh more than a few times.

If you want a fresh take on approachable scifi, this book is a must-read!

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