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Texas Attraction by Barbara Wealth

Barbara Wealth's "Texas Attraction" grips you from the beginning and doesn't let you go until you finish it a few nights later.

The plot is kicked into gear early on when the protagonist, Stephanie Angel, a PR specialist for Braldey Oil, takes refuge from a storm at the ranch of the mysterious yet dreamy Harlan.

When the storm passes, Stephanie leaves, but she cannot forget the passionate moments she shared with Harlan and begins seeing him more often, even inviting him to her company's ball.

The plot ramps up when an oil baron is found dead at the ball. To further complicate issues, a rival to Stephanie's company, a nanotube company, appears in the region, threatening the business of Bradley Oil.

Stephanie must balance her new romance with her job responsibilities and the mysterious death, and the deeper she looks, the more all three seem related.

Whether you are a casual romance fan or an avid fan, you'll enjoy this book. The plot is fresh and well-paced. The writing is descriptive and engaging.

You'll enjoy that many components of Texas culture are captured by the writing.

It is fun to read how the witty, perceptive Stephanie interacts with people within her company as well as potential clients. The relationship between Stephanie and Harlan well-written and intriguing.

If you like smart romance novels with a dash of mystery, then "Texas Attraction" is a must-read!

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